Become a certified doula with our DONA Approved Birth Doula Training Retreat

How do I become a DONA Certified Doula

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Are you wondering how to become a DONA Certified Doula?

Read this blog post for a great overview of how to become a certified doula

Our unique, tropical, DONA Approved Birth Doula Retreat takes place in Bali, Indonesia only once per year and it taught by CNN Hero of the Year, Midwife Extraordinaire and Founder of the Bumi Sehat Foundation and Birth Center, Ibu Robin Lim, alongside World Renowned DONA Doula Trainer, Author/Filmmaker and Founder of the Orgasmic Birth Movement, Debra Pascali-Bonaro. When you join our retreat you will be on your pathway to becoming a DONA Certified Doula.

Our 8 night, 7 day retreat is the beginning of your journey to become a DONA Certified Birth Doula. Our retreat is the most comprehensive doula retreat offered, and the only DONA Birth Doula Retreat held on the island of Bali. Our Eat Pray Doula Gentle Birth Doula Retreat fulfills 3 of the requirements of DONA certification. You’ll connect with a circle of support from around the world to help you as you continue on to become DONA certified by completing the other steps which include reading, writing, resource lists and experience. With your new doula sisters you will  create lifelong bonds of support for certification and beyond – creating book clubs, sharing resources and supporting each other as you attend births as a doula. Eat Pray Doula will transform your life and prepare you to become a certified doula and offer you doula skills around the world!

When you attend Eat Pray Doula Gentle Birth Doula Retreat you will be fulfilling 3 of the requirements of DONA certification.

Become a certified doula with our DONA Approved Birth Doula Training Retreat

  • Workshop – DONA International Approved Birth Doula workshop with DONA Doula trainer, Debra Pascali-Bonaro
  • Childbirth Education – Childbirth for Doulas offered by DONA Doula Trainer & Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Debra Pascali-Bonaro
  • Breastfeeding – Three hour basics of Breastfeeding Class with Midwife, Ibu Robin Lim

After attending/completing the 3 courses, you will receive a certification of attendance/completion which is included in the workshop fee.

To become a DONA Certified Doula, you will continue with additional self-study + experience related requirements to complete and apply for certification. (See infographic below for these self-study items. Please note there is also required reading.)

Become a certified doula with our DONA Approved Birth Doula Training RetreatDONA has created some great guides on becoming a Certified Birth Doula for you:

You can also explore DONA’s website for more information and support.

Costs associated with Doula Certification

  • Find more here starting on page 4
  • Membership $100
  • Certification Packet $40
  • Required reading $ (varies)
  • Business Webinar $20
  • Certification Application Fee $110
  • Workshop, Breastfeeding + Intro to Childbirth is included in our retreat fee – you have 4 years to complete your certification requirements and submit your application after you finish our workshop/training.

So Why Eat Pray Doula?

What makes Eat Pray Doula Birth Doula Retreat different from my local doula training?

Want to become a certified doula? Our workshop fulfills 3 of the requirements of DONA Birth Doula Certification and so much more.

A more traditional doula workshop is usually 2  days, does not include the Intro to Childbirth or Breastfeeding Certification requirements, meals or lodging.

Our week long retreat allows us time to expand upon the required topics for certification, spend more time on comfort techniques and cover additional doula related topics.

Our retreat also includes:

  • -Yoga each morning
  • -Breakfast and lunch each day of the workshop
  • -Welcome Dinner
  • -Celebratory Dinner
  • -Additional 3 (a total of 6 instructional days) days of instruction to truly enhance your doula learning
  • -Invitation to join a cultural excursion

Ready to get started? Join Eat Pray Doula to start your journey to certified.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our circle?


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