Am I Qualified?

You do not have to have a professional background to take the Eat Pray Doula Retreat, but should have the following: fascination with pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn babies; a desire to work with women or couples during this most meaningful and demanding time in their lives; emotional maturity, stamina, and reliability.

Which retreat is right for me?

We offer 3 retreats:

  • DONA Approved Gentle Birth Doula
  • Advanced BirthKeeper Doula Retreat
  • DONA Approved Postpartum Doula

If you would like to become a DONA Certified Birth Doula the Gentle Birth Doula Workshop will provide you with completion of three of the classroom requirements to become certified. If certification is not important & you are experienced as a doula, already certified, or just looking to dive deeper, the Advanced Skills may be a better fit. Enjoy Debra’s video below as she helps guide you to choose between these 2 trainings.

We are also pleased to offer a DONA approved postpartum doula retreat this year which also fulfills the classroom requirements to become a DONA Certified Postpartum Doula.

Please review DONA’s requirements for certification

Where do I fly to in Bali?

When purchasing your flight to Bali, you will be flying into Denpasar airport (country code DPS).  After registration you will purchase your ticket and forward your itinerary to Debra. You will be met at the airport upon arrival and brought to the hotel.

When do I need to arrive in Bali?

You may want to arrive a day or so early, so you can adjust to the time difference. Please note: you will need to make your own lodging arrangements if you choose to do this. 

We suggest you stay at Villa Sonia, or search for an Air B&B in Nyuh Kuning, the town of our workshop and enjoy staying with a local family

If you prefer to stay near the beach, the Village of Sanur is lovely and not far from the airport. 

How do get to Ubud?

You will be met at the airport and transferred to the retreat. More information will be given to you upon registration. 

Do I need a visa?

Please check here to determine if you live in a country which requires a visa upon arrival.  Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months Indonesia will NOT allow you into the country and your airline will NOT let you on the plane. If your passport is due to expire in 6 months or less, please have it renewed before coming

Can I bring my baby/children/partner?

We welcome non-mobile babies to attend the workshop with you. However, mobile babies can make it very hard to participate in all the activities as the villa is not childproofed and thus will require your full attention.  If possible bringing someone who can help with childcare in a nearby room/walk outside/play in the pool will allow you and the participants to more fully enjoy the workshop and you and you baby full access to breastfeed and cuddle as needed. If you would like us to provide information for you to hire a local woman to watch your child please let us know. 
If you choose to bring anyone with you, we will ask that you book your own lodging and stay nearby with them. Our lodging on site is reserved for workshop participants. We suggest you stay at Villa Sonia, a short walking distance from the retreat, and also where we book some of our workshop participants as well.

Where can I stay before and after the retreat?

Here are our suggestions if you would like to stay in the village of Nyuh Kuning – the home village of Bumi Sehat Birth Center, and our retreat home.

We suggest you stay at Villa Sonia, or search for an Air B&B in Nyuh Kuning, the town of our workshop and enjoy staying with a local family

If you prefer to stay near the beach, the Village of Sanur is lovely and not far from the airport. 

Where will I be staying during the retreat?

If you are one of the first 14 participants to register, you will be staying at Ibu Robin’s very special retreat center “Bumi Peace Kitchen” – read more about the story of Peace Kitchen.

If you book after the first 14 slots are filled, you will be staying at Villa Sonia in Nyuh Kuning, a short walk to the retreat. You still be able to join us daily for morning yoga and breakfast each day.

Is Bali safe?

There are currently no travel warnings for Bali, but you can check for current travel warnings. Bali is a small island province of Indonesia and the country’s most popular tourist destination.  The Balinese tend to be kind and helpful people. As for safety in the streets, there is very little violent crime in Bali, especially in Ubud.  As a traveler you must take common sense precautions against petty crime, just as you would in any tourist resort.

What is the weather like in Bali?

Be prepared to be hot!  The average temperature during the day is 84 with occasional brief rainstorms.

Can I volunteer as a doula?

Bumi Sehat appreciates your wishes to volunteer as a doula. Unfortunately, the county has restrictions on foreign volunteer doulas. Bumi Sehat does have a non-doula volunteer program. Learn more HERE.

Want to help in another way? More than anything, the birth center is in need of financial support. If you are an organizer and can put together a fundraiser in your local community to raise funds for Bumi Sehat, that would be amazing! 

What about clothing? What should I pack?

It is hot outside during the day and a bit cooler in the evening. Bring light clothing in natural breathable materials and layers. When you arrive in Bali, you will have ample opportunities to shop for any clothes which you may need/want in order to help acclimate to the difference in climate.  There is GREAT shopping in Bali!

Be advised that if you want to go to a temple you will need a blouse or shirt to cover your shoulders and a sash and sarong, which you can purchase in Bali. The Balinese welcome you to their temple festivals but you must dress properly.

Summer clothing is perfectly appropriate for classes.

Will I be able to charge my electronics?

Yes, as they are both 110 and 240. Power supply is usually 220 cycles. You will need an electrical converter available at drug stores or office supply shops. 

What about sanitation?

Most restaurants catering to westerners use bottled water for all cooking purposes. There is ample bottled water available all over the island and at all small food shops and convenience stores. 

What about health care and immunizations?

You will be traveling in a civilized, built up area.  Your doctor may suggest all kinds of vaccinations for traveling in the jungle. Please impress upon your provider that you are staying in nice resorts and eating at good restaurants and discuss the question.

There are plenty of international medical clinics near the clinic. These clinics usually do not accept health insurance, but they do not cost much. Should you need specialized care in an emergency, you would be evacuated to Singapore. We require you purchase travel insurance. 

Can I take medicine to Bali, and can I get medicine while there?

Yes, there are pharmacies in Bali that have most common drugs, such as antibiotics, anti diarrhea, cold and flu remedies. If you are on a prescription, you need to bring enough for your trip.  Make sure they are in pharmacy bottles with your doctor’s name on the label.  Be sure to bring any and all natural remedies you like to have on hand. 

What about money?

The easiest way to access money in Ubud is via the ATM.  There are ATM’s that take Cirrus and Plus where you can withdraw cash from your account. There is a small charge and your bank may charge a fee as well.

Foreign money can be exchanged at most banks in Bali. Banking hours are usually from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm from Monday to Friday and until 1:00 pm Saturday. Money can also be changed at the airport, at hotel cashiers, and at authorized money changers (they are common in Ubud)

Prior to your trip, PLEASE tell your bank and credit card companies the dates that you will be in Bali, as they may cut off your funds for fraud protection if they don’t know you are using your cards in a foreign country. 

Using a credit card or traveler’s checks for purchases is almost impossible anywhere in the village or in Ubud except in hotels and larger establishments.  Be sure you travel with sufficient funds in your bank account to be able to access them via ATM.  Your other alternative is to have money sent via Western Union to numerous locations in Ubud.

If I stay after the workshop, how much money will I typically need for each day?

You can easily stay for about $100 per day. This includes housing, meals, local transportation, and some spending money.