Why Return to Bali

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by Claire Wyborn


Eat Pray Doula changed me in such a deep way that I didn’t need to think too hard about making a decision to return 12 months later…. Eat Pray Doula Advanced Doula Training Retreat 2017 was and remains for me the pinnacle of Doula Training…. BUT, I have discovered it was more than that – it taught me to be proud of my own journey that has taught me so much about myself and a deeper respect and appreciation of birth and that every woman’s path although similar, it is as unique and special as she is.

I have just finished a 2-hour meeting with a beautiful young woman who is in the early days of doing Doula training with CBI – she is nervous, yet I can see that she will be awesome underneath her fear of doing “it” wrong. We shared information and we shed a few tears because that is what talking about birth does… it moves you. She was inspired to finish her course and to complete her certification and enter the blended world of Doula support. I encouraged her to attend Eat Pray Doula as it doesn’t really matter who you trained with, it doesn’t even matter when you did your training, EPD goes beyond that and sees who you are as a person… THAT is what Eat Pray Doula taught me… the loving nurturing space that you enter at EPD cannot be described, you can only feel it. The deep respect of who you are as a woman can only be experienced.

I look at EPD is an investment in myself, it is what I need to continue to be awesome as this profession. The knowledge and skills you learn from not only amazing teaches like Robin and Debra but from the collective of Doulas from around the world, we are bought together in this amazing space, wrapped in the loving embrace of The Peace Kitchen – and you are not only fed emotionally, but literally – by the amazing Will – Robin’s husband – but the best part is learning together in circle with likeminded women.

So dear friend and Doula sister, if you are just starting out, OR if you are a seasoned Doula and feel the need for nourishment, understanding, support and to have your voice or experience validated and heard then EPD is where you can find that. I cannot encourage you enough to take the plunge, step out and spoil yourself, indulge in giving back to yourself and open your heart to receiving love and nourishment through the experience of EPD in Bali.. I hope I can meet you there.

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Claire Wyborn is a Melbourne Doula providing memorable, fulfilling and rewarding experience for both Parents, supporting the mother, to trust in herself, in her bodies’ ability to give birth, and in the birth process itself.

Claire is a mother of 3 beautiful, now adult children, and is passionate about empowering women through the experience of childbirth to becoming a mother.  She has personally experienced 2 incredible, amazing wonderful home births, sadly, a still born, and by choice a hospital birth, resulting in a cesarean.

These different birth experiences have taught her to be understanding, accepting, non-judgemental and supportive of each and everyone’s journey. She believes that giving birth is the second most amazing experience that a woman can enjoy, and also how much birth impacts a woman immensely and her ability to mother her children and manage her roles as a mother, woman and partner, some of the most challenging yet deeply rewarding experiences on earth.


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