6 Reasons why Eat Pray DOULA

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by Debra Pascali-Bonaro, DONA Doula Trainer and Eat Pray Doula co-teacher alongside Ibu Robin Lim

Each year I am so grateful to be back in Bali for Eat Pray Doula.  From the moment I leave the airport in Denpasar, Bali and beginning to see and feel the Balinese people and their wonderful culture I become more mindful as I breathe, relax and connect in new and deeper way to nature, life and birth.  

The doulas arrive to Eat Pray Doula as strangers and leave as life long friends.  It is such a gift to facilitate this deep connection on an island that is known for its healing, connection and peace.  As doulas we read the Eat Pray Doula manifesto discussing the respect and acceptance we will offer one another, lifting each other higher, healing and listening.  It’s magical to watch as women form friendship and connections from around the world- sharing different cultures, customs and beliefs as well as life’s challenges and joys honoring both the light and dark aspects in each of us and supporting each other to learn and grow.

This year the energy of Bali expanded our hearts even wider and I smile as I see the best doula skills unfold- loving, accepting and supporting each other as our Eat Pray Doula Circle grows and grows.

The air in Bali is warm, inviting us to slow down- to swim – to drink lots of green and delicious fruit juices and coconut water – I can feel the layers peel off as we cleanse inside and out.  Layers shed and our hearts open wide. There is a deep feeling of peace, a magical calling of nature, wind, water, air and fire, and a strong connection to the past and the future supporting us  to vision and dream, to heal and to honor the ancient wisdom within. Bali is truly the best place to explore birth and the sacred gateway of life.

I enjoy of special circle of teachers- wonderfully wise women who share not only about birth – but how to live a joy filled life. Each of us are living proof of how to navigate life’s hurdles with grace, love and laughter.  We sing, dance, laugh, cry, listen and are grateful for every day together.

I am often asked why Eat Pray Doula – there are so many reasons that I hope you will consider if you are beginning your path as a doula, or in need of some extra nourishment and depth to your experience.

6 reasons why Eat Pray Doula is a special retreat like no other.

  1. Nurture Yourself in beautiful Bali surrounded by lush green and vibrant tropical plants, the sounds of nature, and nourishing foods. The energy of Bali is transformative on every level.
  2. Leave your worries behind as you immerse yourself in conversations about childbirth and parenthood while living in Peace Kitchen midwife Robin Lim’s beautiful space designed for birth keepers from around the world to come and share their passion and visions. Instead of a day workshop where you can never be fully present and must return home to obligations, when you live together at a retreat with the other doulas you are able to open fully becoming present and bringing the doula spirit fully into your being.
  3. Become a part of a doula circle with people from around the world – by sharing our cultures, traditions and challenges we weave a rich tapestry of diversity that strengthens and enriches us all.  The global perspective of our retreat is a unique piece of Eat Pray Doula. Doulas are both universal and timeless and learning in a multicultural global environment transcends and I believe and hope, reduces disparities and puts us all on the path to equity.
  4. Be inspired by wise women – your teachers, Ibu Robin Lim, and Debra Pascali-Bonaro have worldwide experience for more than 30 years each in childbirth – bringing their wisdom and passion about birth and living life to its fullest together you will be inspired at every level to both live you life and support childbirth in new ways.
  5. Learn Doula Skills from around the world as you complete the required workshop learning and are prepared to go on to be certified by DONA International the leading doula organization in the world.
  6. Be Transformed – join us for Eat Pray Doula and see how 8 days can change your life – whether you are just beginning or are ready to enhance your path as a birth professional, this retreat will broaden your understanding of life. Our participants come from a range of experience from new doulas, to experienced doulas, nurses, midwives and medical students, and it’s an opportunity to go deeper to nurture yourself, expand your knowledge, have fun and to join our expanding circle of Eat Pray Doulas around the world as we change the world one birth at a time.


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