Balinese Arts

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Bali’s main job industry is tourism, and the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major lack of Island Tourism, income and is creating food instability for many. Congtit makes a majority of his income through his driving and guiding. But, I hope that many will be inspired to purchase a beautiful statue for their hOMe.

Congtit is taking orders, and I will be happy to help connect you and either bring them back to the U.S. with me, or you can pick them up when you join us at Eat Pray Doula. 

Finding my way to Bali

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And all of it – right down to the moment I arrived was true. I flew from Charlotte, NC to Seoul, South Korea, and then onto Denpasar, Indonesia. Our incredible friend, driver and tour guide Congtit picked me up – just as planned (TIP: Congtit or his friends will pick you up too!). The drive from the airport takes a bit of time, but Congtit is wonderful to visit with, learn about Bali Culture, and his own art skills as a carver. After a deep night’s rest, I was greeted by Debra, Ibu Robin and Ibu Robin’s Assistant, Eat Pray Doula Alumnus and practicing doula, Saffira. Saffira is our “on-site” coordinator, we like to call her our “Bali Doula”. After so many emails, Whatsapp chats and more, it was wonderful to finally connect with our team! Saffira helps our doulas coordinate Bali based activities – massages, lost luggage, transport and more. She is kind, warm, and so much fun to spend time with.

I also had the honor of meeting Ibu Robin’s daughter, Lakota, who has been a huge part of the team for years, and Robin’s beautiful mother who we are honored to spend time with during Eat Pray Doula.


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Immerse yourself in all things birth while completing 3 of the requirements of DONA International Birth Doula Certification.

Most birth doula trainings take place over the course of 2 or 3 days. Our immersive workshop + retreat allows for additional time to dive deeper, connect, learn, grow, and open your heart.

Our advanced skills workshop is a full-immersion retreat that meets the specific needs of providers with experience.

This workshop is intended for doulas, alternative health practitioners, midwives, massage therapists, doctors, nurses…anyone who works offering clinical, emotional and/or hands-on support to birthing families.

More than a retreat

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Nurturing the natural rhythms of birth Love the Earth Love Each Others Love Doulas Love Mothers and Babies and Partners
Nurturing the natural rhythms of birth

Love the Earth
Love Each Other
Love Doulas
Love Mothers and Babies and Partners


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Each year, we welcome a few wonderful Indonesians as scholarship winners to our Eat Pray Doula Retreats. One of the missions of Eat Pray Doula is to continue to grow the circle of support and fill in the gaps of … Continued