Bumi Peace Kitchen

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… a DREAM realized.

In 2012 Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Katherine Bramhall and I saw a need to train Doulas and support BirthKeepers in a healing setting, in Bali.  Eat Pray Doula was born.  This heart-child surpassed all of our expectations, because of the quality and devotion of the women who joined their hearts and hands together… in an international endeavor to build Peace, one MotherBaby at a time.  Our Doulas are out there… making a difference, healing lives and facilitating gentle arrivals for Babies in 42 countries.

It became apparent that Eat Pray Doula and many other Awakening Birth gatherings needed a hOMe of our own, a place where we could learn, grow and heal together. This safe haven for BirthKeepers would function as the center of a mandala. From this fulcrum Doulas, Midwives, Nurses, Doctors, Childbirth Educators, Prenatal Yoga Teachers, and BirthKeepers of all descriptions from all parts of our Earth, could be nourished.  This strength, we believed, would have a profound impact upon access to gentle respectful skilled, loving MotherBaby care, worldwide.  Human rights in pregnancy, birth & postpartum, begins in circles, circles of Women.

Who makes a wish, like… “I need a big recycled house for BirthKeepers.” and gets that wish fulfilled, the very next day? Ibu Robin… of course.  When my friend Katia offered me the ancient teak house, all I could do was cry, laugh, hug and be in gratitude!

The Divine plan for a place for Women, Children, Families… for BirthKeepers, was truly sprouting.  It has taken a LOT of diligent work, and unexpected blessings… My husband Wil has had to sweat quite a bucket. My daughter, Lakota, herself a new mOM, has devoted herself to the project, in ways only breastfeeding mothers can.  Carpenters, plumbers, steel workers, electricians, gardeners, painters, stone workers, from many islands, have given their all.  So… the gestation is over, it is time to Birth… “Bumi Peace Kitchen.”  We will have our maiden event this very March 2017, with Eat Pray Doula VI, promised Doulas, arriving to bless us, their bags packed full with dreams.

Bumi… the Earth Mother, yes; but why “Peace Kitchen?”

…We women whip up miracles in the kitchen.  Yesterday I needed a spiritual reset… so I went to the kitchen, a few steps away I picked basil and sacred tulsi in our garden. In meditative minutes, a nutritious miracle, pesto!

How many times, around the kitchen table, have we found healing as women?  Where do we go, to brew a pot of tea?  Where does mother keep her herbs and tinctures? Where to we make the heart of the home, the centering place? And where can we whip up a little peace?  …The Kitchen, of course!  So here we go, welcome to “Bumi Peace Kitchen” a place to sow and grow and blow some bubbles of peace, all around the World.

Love & Gratitude… Selamat Datang ke Dapur Damai
Welcome to Bumi Peace Kitchen… Ibu Robin & Family

  1. Nevenka

    Women bring up the next generation… the power to change the world is in our hands.
    Raising wholesome human beings is the most exhalted occupation that we can possibly do.

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