"I have to admit - it was AMAZING! I highly recommend to anyone that is curious about gentle birth. Get ready, I'm sure this journey will change your life!"
- Eleanora, Italian from Dubai

"I've had such an amazing, beautiful time here in Bali with these women. Ancient women's wisdom has been passed on. It's been life-changing" - Willow, Australia

"Coming to Eat Pray Doula, I had a chance to go back to myself and fill my cup. I can give more of myself with all of the knowledge and love I have received here." - Ros, Philippines

"I thought I was just coming to a doula retreat- but this was so much more - so much healing, so much love. If you are considering this training - don't just walk - run, jump, fly as quickly as you can." - Sara, United States

"Eat Pray Doula is a lovely reminder that you are doing - I am doing - the right thing for my daughters, my granddaughters, for the women that are pregnant now. We are ready to change this world in a birth revolution! - Sandy, Australia

"Bali is a place of magic. And… this is a place of suffering for so many mothers-to-be, not just in Bali, but all over the Earth. That is why I have devoted my life, and hijacked my friends, Katherine Bramhall and Debra Pascali-Bonaro, to build Peace on Earth… one BirthKeeper at a time. If I sound a bit “high” and full of ideas, and hope and prayers, because I am."

- Ibu Robin Lim