Eat Pray Doula Alumni are singing the praises of this transformative, life-changing retreat....

"I would say just do it! Bali is a magical place and the EPD teachers are an incredible source of knowledge. We are blessed to have the opportunity to learn from them. You will leave inspired, transformed, loved, and you will gain new sisters all over the world! I cannot recommend it enough! "
United States
"It’s a magical experience filled with joy, love and learning. It’s a sacred place to come together and connect with other birth workers."
United States
What you will receive is far beyond what is written on the curriculum the camaraderie with women from all around the world. This is definitely an advanced doula training. I would, I just think that there are so many facets to it, and tools that I have gained that I will walk with for the rest of my life. There are so many relationships that I have now cultivated so many connections, even even to myself work that I have places that I found myself questioning. How can I be a better doula? How can I serve more fully? How can I take care of myself within my practice?...
"This workshop is essential to birth workers! What a gift to have shared knowledge, stories, and love with some of the most influential and inspiring teachers such as Robin, Debra, Naoli, & Jennie. We cannot do this work alone and this workshop reminded me of just how powerful we are. Thank you infinitely!"
United States
"If you need a break from your busy life but also would like to receive wisdom , knowledge and love: Eat Pray Doula is the perfect retreat for you. Meeting with all the beautiful likeminded women and soaking up the feminine energy was truly magical."
"It's been really special for me. I was not aware of the power of the international community of doulas and birth workers and I really felt that this week. I really felt that we are not only sharing the same vocation, but we also are all activists and sisters and really mothers of life..."
Eva Luna
"I feel like we were all "doula-ing" each other all week. It was a very special, healing and educational retreat. As a mother myself, I felt so cared for and mothered all week long. What a gift. I felt safe to share, safe to cry, safe to laugh, sing, dance, receive, to be!!! I felt like my cup was overflowing; so inspired, invigorated and empowered to support more women in their journey."
"I've had such an amazing, beautiful time here in Bali with these women. Ancient women's wisdom has been passed on. It's been life-changing"
"I'm here in beautiful Bali for Eat, Pray, Doula. It's been magical, you know, like just heart, womb and everything open and sun and rain and cleansing and connection and challenges and so much information and seeing how we can change the world. It's been life altering. It's a once in a lifetime experience. I'm very grateful. I am filled with intense gratitude, floored with gratitude at the privilege and beauty of this experience, you know, so I'm grateful to be here."
New York
"I have to admit - it was AMAZING! I highly recommend to anyone that is curious about gentle birth. Get ready, I'm sure this journey will change your life!"- Eleanora, Italian from Dubai
Italian from Duabi
"I thought I was just coming to a doula retreat- but this was so much more - so much healing, so much love. If you are considering this training - don't just walk - run, jump, fly as quickly as you can."
United States
"Eat Pray Doula is a lovely reminder that you are doing - I am doing - the right thing for my daughters, my granddaughters, for the women that are pregnant now. We are ready to change this world in a birth revolution! - Sandy, Australia​

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World class doula and childbirth practitioner trainings in the heart of Bali

DONA Approved Birth Doula Retreat
March 17-25, 2025


Immerse yourself in all things birth while completing two of the requirements of DONA International Birth Doula Certification.

Most birth doula trainings take place over the course of two or three days. Our immersive workshop and retreat allows for additional time to dive deeper, connect, learn, grow, and open your heart all while being embraced by the beauty of Bali.

Advanced Skills for Birth Keepers
April 2-10, 2025

Our advanced skills workshop is a full-immersion retreat that meets the specific needs of providers with experience. 

This workshop is for doulas, alternative health practitioners, midwives, massage therapists, doctors, nurses and those who offer clinical, emotional and/or hands-on support to birthing families and wish to dive deeper into supportive measures for their clients.