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Each year, we welcome a few wonderful Indonesians as scholarship winners to our Eat Pray Doula Retreats.

One of the missions of Eat Pray Doula is to continue to grow the circle of support and fill in the gaps of care that doulas are able to provide to expectant, laboring and postpartum MotherBabies and Families.

A portion of the registration fee from our paying participants is used to provide scholarships to a few Indonesian women to attend our Eat Pray Doula Retreat(s). We are grateful to those that are able to pay the full retreat fees allowing us to provide these scholarship and donate funds back to Bumi Sehat Bali.

By training doulas at Eat Pray Doula, we can bring the doula experience to the country of Indonesia and enhance birthing women’s experience and outcomes in childbirth. If you would like to donate additional funds or hold a fundraiser to donate more to this opportunity, we are grateful for any amount you would be able to share. You can send the funds via PayPal to “Friends and Family” and please note “Bali Scholarship Fund”

Additionally a portion of the  income from the workshop will be donated to Bumi Sehat Foundation. You can also donate directly via

If you are not located in Bali, but are still in need of some support raising money for Eat Pray Doula here are some of our suggestions!

  • Ask friends and family to donate to your registration fee instead of giving you gifts for holidays/birthdays
  • Bake sales, craft sales: consider what skills you have that you could use to raise extra money
  • Time: give your time in exchange for a donation
  • Set up a GoFundMe, Facebook, or other type of online program and ask for donations. $5 can add up quickly!

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