A True Hero – Ibu Robin Lim

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Celebrating a true Hero – Ibu Robin Lim

There are not enough words to describe and honor Ibu Robin Lim and the midwives she has trained who are spreading gentle birth in Indonesia, the Philippines and around the world on this International Day of the Midwife.

Amazing, Courageous, Strong, Wise, Intuitive, Loving, Caring, Brave, Knowledgeable…

Join me in honoring Ibu Robin Lim and the midwives of Bumi Sehat, or your own midwife – tweet us @EatPrayDoula – #IDM2018 – “I love my midwife because…”

A midwife is so much more than someone who cares for women throughout their life cycle, they also guide, listen and keep watchful eyes on us throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding and throughout the sacred journey of becoming a parent and/or expanding our families. Midwives listen to our deep soul desires, giving us strength to trust our inner wisdom and birth ourselves and our babies with love. By believing in our ability to give birth we can relax, open and experience the miracle of birth

Robin Lim is truly a hero!

I feel blessed that our paths have come together weaving a tapestry of friendship that spans 30 years as we have birthed and raised our families and shared our passion for birth and postpartum. We each have navigated challenges, losses, and shared many orgasmic, pleasure filled moments together including 7 years of co-teaching our Eat Pray Doula ​​​​​​​retreat together!

I often remind people at my workshops that a true healer is one that heals them-self and in so doing has gained the wisdom to guide others on their healing and heroic journey. So it is with great midwives. No one arrives to wisdom without facing challenges and a midwife who defending gentle, respectful, loving birth around the world provides more challenges then most understand or acknowledge. We can’t celebrate midwives without thanking their partners and families for their support too. A midwife’s family never knows when they will need to leave or when they will return, so I also want to acknowledge all the families and partners who support midwives today and thank you for your loving understanding as it truly takes a village or this case a family – our midwives can’t do this without you!

We can’t celebrate midwives without acknowledging that throughout the world there are modern day witch hunts continuing to target our strong midwives who challenge the system with their love filled, gentle births following the International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiatives steps for respectful, quality care with compassion, minimizing the use of technology to only when needed or desired – achieving the best outcomes and creating lifelong positive memories. Join us in supporting midwives today and everyday, their dedication and sacrifice is needed today more than ever.

With love and pleasure,
Debra Pascali-Bonaro

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