Count My Wrinkles

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by Julia Weis

Today I count my wrinkles with pride.

Watching the sun rise over the dampness of the Balinese island for the last time before I embark on a journey into a new perception of the old me.

Being blown away, heart lifted, feet grounded, womb ignited, soul expanded, unspeakingly inspired by the beauty, wisdom, compassionate-joyful-depth by the three facilitators of my past 9 days in the Eat.Pray.Doula experience that has given birth to 16 new birth- keepers.

12525180_10201633692080426_7405600282984741021_oThis state of my being is certainly not -definitely “as well” but not in focus- based on the physiological and systematized knowledge that they conducted, but certainly based on the unconditional, ever so continuous, deep, humble love and respect for the essence of womanhood bearing the ability to conceive and give birth. Their dedication and effort to empower woman in their full being, to protect birth in its sacredness, contain within a circle of support has deeply imprinted in and inspired my being.

It is by the loving holding the space through the wise woman that I found ease and clarity for myself.

It is by the gounded-ness, life experience, service and love that they teach through their being.

By their loving, respectful words, by the way they receive each person in their unique individuality, by the way they have nurtured and brightened their flame of passion that I thrive in my creativity.

With admiration I stood and shared my praise. Reflection I received. Love, gratitude, the deep smile of a set of eyes that has seen an unimaginable number of precious passages through the gates of life… the hair of my whole body raises by just remembering the eye sight…

I’ve been left, empowered with a Navajo wisdom as I praised the vision, passionate, creative force of the wise woman:

[blockquote align=center]

“In the time of your moon cycle, the time of your motherhood, your energy is focused in your womb creating life and nourishing your family. Big mental and intellectual projects will always compete with the bodies urge to stay fully present in the process of physically creating and nurturing family. As time goes by and the moon cycle ceases the energy from the womb rises up to the third eye and is available for great visionary projects such as writing books, etc.”[/blockquote]
That doesn’t mean that one can not nurture family after Menopause and vice versa. It just means that there is a unique time for everything and bless you Katherine respecting and empowering me in my agony: We only get a chance to be a parent to our child once…

I love you all deeply, the bond has been tight well!!! You all are so close to my heart… I see you soon… I know!

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