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10 Beaches to visit in Bali

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Debra’s Top Suggestions to enjoy before or after your EAT PRAY DOULA Workshop

Bali is called the Island of the Gods. For me, it’s a magical island where my connection to earth, air, fire, water and the divine feels so strong. The beauty of nature surrounds you mixed with a culture of art, music, dance and daily blessings, offerings and ceremonies. My heart and spirit are always called deeper each time I visit Bali. I enjoy exploring this magical island and culture and invite you to do the same and make time before or after Eat Pray Doula to discover what aspects of Bali are calling you. I feel very safe in Bali and often travel alone to enjoy some time for my own contemplation and visioning and other years I have my family meet me.

A visit to Bali is never complete for me unless I spend a few days at the beach. Each year I take some time to explore a new part of the island as there is so much variety and each area has it’s own unique flavor and feel. I would suggest you do your own research before you begin exploring. Here are my quick thoughts to get you started and make sure you jump into our FaceBook Group to see if anyone else would like to travel with you if you prefer company.

Close to the airport for a few days at the beach to rest and adjust, before or after Eat Pray Doula, consider:

1- Sanur &
2- Nusua Dua

Both have white sand beaches with a range of big hotels/resorts that you can often find last minute deals for or if you don’t mind staying just across the street you can find many smaller hotels with lower prices and easy access to the beach.

If you enjoy where the cliffs and the ocean meet, Check out Nick and Justine’s Guide to

3- Uluwatu and don’t miss sunset each night with these spectacular views.

If you would like to venture to the north, stop at waterfalls, and over the mountain to black sand beaches, quiet and to the best snorkeling and diving – a 4 hour ride north will take you to

4- Pemuteran – I love to stay at Adi Assri  (there is no village here so this is for those who like peace and quiet) Adri Assi is the perfect place to relax, write, read, meditate and enjoy the amazing color of the many fish and sea life that you will see, while enjoying sunset dinners on the beach each night of freshly caught fish. For another snorkeling/diving destination about 2 – 3 hours away with more of a 1970’s village feel, and many small cottages on the beach is

5- Amed Or if you really want the best white sand beaches, diving and are up for more of an adventure head to the

6- Gille Islands. The Gille Islands are a 1 hour boat ride on the fast boat, and make sure you pay to take the newest, fastest boat. Here is what Nick and Justine suggest you enjoy while there.

For the trendy, consider

8- Seminyak, or

9- Conggu where beautiful hotels and fine dining meet the sea in Bali as well as many private villas and room to rent that can provide you and your family with a special private vacation in luxury.

10- Ubud I know I said beaches but enjoying more time inland – exploring the many things to do in Ubud, waking at 2 to ride to and hike to the top of the volcano Mount Batur for a spectacular sun rise or visit the many Hindu Temples – my favorite are the many water temples within 20 – 30 minutes of Ubud, some are natural waterfalls like Sebatu. A drive or walk thru the rice fields at Tagalong rice terraces, are just a few of the many ways you can explore the culture and flavors of Bali.

I hope you will enjoy my links and start doing your own research to make your trip to Eat Pray Doula all you have ever dreamed it could be and more.Once you know where you would like to go my friend and our driver Congtit can arrange transport for you. With Congtit’s love and care – you will be ready to be welcomed or to leave Bali enjoying the places and culture and giving yourself the gift of a lifetime. With the wisdom gathered for our Eat Pray Doula circle of women, the beauty, art and blessings of Bali, I hope like me you will return refreshed, recharged and inspired!

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