All the doula skills you need

Here I am, coming back again in Eat Pray Doula

Ibu Robin Lim and Alia at Eat Pray Doula
Alia and her little one with Ibu Robin Lim


The skills and knowledge that I learned in EPD Postpartum Retreat was all that I needed to be an awesome doula. Giving space to mama, being present and witnessing mama’s connection to her deepest spirit, love and intention.

Watching Mama’s connection with her divine feminine by recognizing that she is powerful.

Birth is intimate, sacred, raw and beautiful.

It’s not only the birth of a baby, but the birth of a mama, birth of a father, and also it’s a healing and rebirth for a doula. A soul facilitator who is honored to witness in this magical journey.

So dear sister, come & join is in EPD, feel the love, the nourishment, the enrichment, the knowledge, the skills, all that you need to be an awesome doula.

Alia Febyani is an Eat Pray Doula alumni who is returning again to learn and share doula skills and wisdom.

❤Mom of 4
❤ konselor laktasi (since 2014), post partum doula,
@aliabab4 @gentlebirth.nusantara@sanggarjiwabertumbuh
❤ aroma lift® therapist (certified)

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