A Chance of a Lifetime

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by Ashtra Effendy, #haloibu

Last March, I got a chance of a lifetime. I became a Doula.

This video is dedicated for my doula sisSTARs and my teachers, Ibu Robin, Ibu Debra, and Ibu Mala. Thank you for all your wisdom and love.


Ashtra Effendy is an Eat Pray Doula Alumnus, Ibu to Mahija, and founder of #haloibu ia Loving Motherhood Journey community.
Halo ibu started as a youtube channel to empower mothers on nourishing their self, child, and partner by living the life they love. As it grows, haloibu.id hope to nurture with pictures, articles, videos and events on celebrating the complexity and loving journey of motherhood.
Haloibu’s aim is to create nonjudgmental support between women through our monthly women’s circle called #lingkaranibu. It’s a place where you can share your transition to becoming a mother – the beauty and challenges.
Ashtra now practices as a Birth Doula in Jakarta, Indonesia. If you have any question, inquiries, or just want to share, keep in touch with Ashtra



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